Why syrian refugees should be allowed in the united states

Refugee resettlement counters ISIS narratives Countering ISIS narrativeswhich vilify the US and are intended to radicalize youths on the fringes of society, should remain a priority for policymakers. Efforts are being made to broaden resettlement reception programs to address these concerns.

The United States has a stronger vetting system than European nations.

4 Reasons the US Should Support the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

Only 2, Syrians have been resettled to the United States in total since the current conflict began in March Resettled refugees are the most thoroughly vetted immigrant group In the U.

The issue has also become a topic of debate in the race for the presidency. Army, Department of Defense, or U. As the Communist North Vietnamese began their assault southward toward the capital of Saigon, my grandfather, an officer in the South Vietnamese army sought a way to save his family from becoming prisoners, my mother, 14 years old at the time, included.

Actually, this problem is partly America's fault. Resettlement could help both to meet humanitarian needs in the region and advance the U. This is particularly true in cases where refugees require significant levels of support and are accustomed—after years or decades in refugee camps—to rely upon aid, so struggle to become self-sufficient.

Many asylum seekers also seek to evade formal registration in European entry points such as Greece and Italy because they wish to continue their journey rather than face processing in southern Europe refugee recognition rates are lower in Mediterranean states than in Sweden or Germany, for example, and economic prospects are limited.

Robust security checks are already in place. The refugees need help in the form of a safe place to live a better life.

6 Reasons to Welcome Syrian Refugees After Paris

The result is that any refugee arriving through the resettlement program has passed through far stricter security vetting than any immigrant arriving through a student or temporary worker channel, or travelers entering through visa waiver programs.

The proposed plan would also halt President Obama's pledge to resettle 10, Syrian refugees in the US. True, many African countries have internal problems-but those aren't entirely their fault.

Gaining refugee status in the US is not easy. Just over 50 percent of refugees who apply to USRAP satisfy these requirements, and are approved for resettlement.

In resettling more Syrian refugees quickly and equitably, Washington will win a moral victory, which in turn will help it persuade allies to do more to help resolve the Syrian war and the attendant humanitarian catastrophe. Given the nation's relative safety, its historical legacy as a refugee haven, and its prominent role in shaping the modern Middle East, lawmakers owe the American and Syrian peoples a public discussion that is based in fact.

The evidence in the academic literature is that keeping refugees penned-up in camps near the zone of conflict increases terrorism in those areas, but resettling them outside of those areas does not.

However, none of the attackers have been confirmed as refugees, and the majority were actually citizens of France or Belgium.

6 Facts You Should Know About Syrian Refugee Debate

The numbers for FY are tracking even lower, with only Syrians having applied in the first half of the year. Although the distinction between immigration and refugee admissions was not always fully articulated, a series of laws—including the Displaced Persons Act, the Refugee Relief Act, and the Refugee-Escapee Act—provided for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-ravaged Europe, with a particular focus on those excluded under the national origins system and escapees from Communist-dominated countries.

However experts suggest that this reflects the targeting of the Sunni community by the Assad regime, and the relative protection of the Christian minority.

U.S. Department of State

Another potential model to explore is privately sponsored resettlement: The RSC verifies the information with a contractor and once the information is verified, the State Department's official security check process can begin.

An internally displaced girl poses at a makeshift refugee camp in Sinjar town, in Idlib province, Syria November 20, Stagnating refugee camps are often fertile recruitment grounds for armed groups, and this is a risk in the Syrian context.

They must be referred to the U. True, some problems in Syria are internal. Refugees have often arrived from regions where groups are actively hostile to American interests and values.

The US will likely take steps to reform the waiver process for European states in the coming days, with proposed legislation due in early December that would prevent travelers who had visited Iraq or Syria in the last five years from receiving a waiver.

Many simply cannot afford the human cost of being asked to wait for so long.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.The U.S. refugee resettlement program reflects the United States’ highest values and aspirations to compassion, generosity and leadership.

Sincethe United States has accepted more than million refugees for permanent resettlement – more than any other country in the world.

4 Reasons the US Should Support the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

Sep 28,  · Europe is dealing with an onslaught of refugees, and more will be arriving soon in the United States: Secretary of State John Kerry announced that it would accept 85, migrants next year Author: Elizabeth Macbride.

Martin O’Malley Is Right: America Should Be Taking More Syrian Refugees If little, crowded Germany can make room for those fleeing Syria, so can the United States. James Fallows. WASHINGTON — As the debate over whether Syrian refugees should be allowed to resettle in the United States has heated up following the Islamic State's attack on Paris, a panel of refugee resettlement experts briefed congressional staffers on Monday about.

I keep seeing people saying that we should turn away all Syrian refugees, because even if there's only one killer in the bunch, if it saves the life of one child, it's worth it.

What these people are forgetting is that the children of Syria are children, too. It is morally correct that Syrian Refugees be allowed into the United States. OK. To Americans, I'm going to sound like the grinch at a Christmas party here.

Why syrian refugees should be allowed in the united states
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