Harold purple crayon writing activity for preschool

Preschool Activities for “Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson

These projects teach children about imagination and the color purple. Here are some suggestions of things you can ask your child to write: She drew the star of the adventure herself with a big smile on her face!

Write one or more sentences about where or what you would draw if you had a purple crayon.

Teaching Using Harold and the Purple Crayon: Classroom Game For K-3 Students

What part did you think was the scariest? Share This Post on: Other times it is fun to listen to someone else read the story. Do this with all three pieces of yarn.

You may want to put together a mini-lesson to address any issues that you observed during the class sharing activity.

Coloring Pages

Once students are done, we gather and share our work. Staple the strip closed to make a hat. Give each child a purple crayon Provide every child with a sheet of black paper and demonstrate how to fold in half and in half again, and in half again, into eight sections.

If they are having difficulty thinking of different things, remind them that they can use the list that you created earlier. Food coloring may have been better?!

Harold and the Purple Crayon Discussion Guide

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. She cut and glued a house, asked me to draw a tree, and added apples to it. I love seeing the two of them each with a crayon in hand working collaboratively on a project together for the first time! Harold and the Purple Crayon Book Cover Procedure 15 minutes To develop fluent readers, we must teach our students to make mental images.

When dry, pass out or have the children cut out shapes from construction paper for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Remember that you can do almost anything with just a little imagination! A little boy wanted to take a walk in the moonlight one evening, but first he needed to draw the moon and a path with his over-sized purple crayon.

Making the Game Explain to the children that they are going to make up their own game about this book. He eventually finds that drawing a window around the moon gets him to his destination — he evens draws his bed, crawls in and falls fast asleep. It was written and illustrated by Crockett Johnson in What does Harold have to eat for his picnic?

Have your child either draw what they would have drawn if they were Harold, or have them draw a scene from Harold and the Purple Crayon. A Short Lesson on Purple Show the children how they can take two primary colors, red and blue, to make the secondary color purple. The purple triangles can be glued onto the top of the plate for spikes and the smaller white triangles can be glued at the mouth for teeth.

Distribute a sheet of paper and a purple crayon to each child. Give the children purple crayons to draw pictures or designs on the strip. Check out our Five in a Row Resource Page! Use a large piece of paper, poster board, white board, butcher paper and a purple crayon.

What does Harold draw to help him in the ocean? Invite the children to use their imaginations and share some make believe adventures of their own during circle time.

The best suggestion would be to focus on the development of ideas, organization, and voice. Create a Hot-Air Balloon Have the children cut out a square basket and balloon circle from purple construction paper using safety scissors.

The teacher should give the students about 20 minutes to draw their stories.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities

Staple the strip closed to make a hat. Included in our package with the book was a large roll of paperpurple crayons of coursepurple scissors, purple glue sticksand fabulous printables of course!

I read the story to the children and we watch for details that indicate what might happen next. The students need to have plenty of time to develop their stories.

As an illustrator, he produced more than thirty books for children, and many of these have remained favorites in teachers' and young children's collections.Harold and the Purple Crayon Prewriting Tracing Pack Probably my favorite type of activity that I like to create is book themed printable activities.

Today, I am sharing with you a free prewriting and tracing pack with a Harold and the Purple Crayon theme. The Preschool Book Club is back this week with creative activities for kids inspired by the story, Harold and the Purple Crayon! Every other week we’ll all be sharing some fun activities for kids based on the book of the week.

Simple games and easy-to-draw activities make this a perfect learning tool for young children. Harold and the Purple Crayon is a book that has been around for a long time but it is still a huge favorite with teachers and children alike.

Harold and the Purple Crayon: A Dry Erase Activity 8 / 26 / 14 10 / 8 / 14 Now that we’ve been back in Kuwait for almost a week and the worst of our jet lag seems to be over with, Miss G and I have been enjoying getting back into our regular routine.

Aug 04,  · "One night, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight." So begins this gentle story that shows just how far your imagination can take you.

Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold draws himself a landscape full of beauty and excitement.

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Harold purple crayon writing activity for preschool
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