Essay on should parents decide the career for the child

The performance of the student is the assesing parameter.

Essay on should parents decide the career for the child

Also, the child would hardly blame the parents for any down-surge in their career. So parents should let their children free to decide their own career line and should support them in their selected line as career.

I am not totally denying the parents idea in choosing career.

How to Choose Between Career and Family

I left my studies thinking that if there is no IIT, then every thing is like a beetle shop. This means that you cannot at a later stage resent that party for continuing on with their career whilst you had to stay at home. The biggest concern among all parents is whether their children will grow up to do better academically and be successful in their career.

So, over all I mean that children should choose their career and parents should support them. If it looks like a prison visiting-room, forget it.

Parents or State control over education

If every parents think in same way there would be either doctors or engineers left in the world. Ideally, a school will teach a rich and complicated curriculum, Tyre said, wherein students get a tremendous amount of information, with the test answers embedded throughout.

I make a point of selling many of the great things that are happening throughout our program. Whateva they think is for the betterment of their child that they have nurtured with so much care from so long. Roadblocks are events or behavior that shut down a potential trajectory, such as teen pregnancy, which can block an educational path.

Ed World's "Principal Files" team members offer their perspective. However, this is not always possible and certainly not necessary if you ensure that the time you do have with your child or children is quality time and by making sure that you have the best possible childcare available, that follows on your own feelings and beliefs about child rearing.

They show where growth is evident and where more growth needs to take place. The parents should guide the child and teach them the weightage of the various options available to them. If they can co-exist, then how do you manage the two?

How can parents tell if their child's teacher is doing a good job?I'm against parents choosing because the profession of the child depends on the college they graduate.

What role should parents play as their children are applying to college?

They will most likely have to do work related to the profession their whole life, and parents should not get to decide on that. Parents may also intentionally or unintentionally push a child toward a particular career path, especially in the cases of family-owned businesses, where parents expect their children to take over the company.

Parents initiate trajectories, sometimes trying to steer their child in a preferred developmental path based on either the parents' preferences or their observations of the child's characteristics. Parents Are Responsible for Their Children's Crimes Essay Words | 6 Pages.

have found and intend to use for your essay. Coconi A. (n.d.). Should parents Be Held Responsible for. The edition also includes a special focus essay on the access, persistence, and success of first-generation students (i.e., students whose parents did not attend college) in postsecondary education.

23 Reasons to Adopt a Child like finishing school or advancing in her career. 8. They support educational financial aid for birth mothers, like through American Adoptions’ birth mother scholarship.

Helping Your Teen Decide What to Do After High School

Instead, to become parents, they decide to adopt a child that has already been born, doing their bit to alleviate the population crisis.

Essay on should parents decide the career for the child
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